Google Search Console AKA Webmaster Update 2019

Google Search Console AKA Webmaster Update 2019

Google Search Console AKA Webmaster Update 2019

No. One of the biggest problems of being on position 1 is to keep that position and Google is the world's No.1 search engine and to maintain it, its employees work on a day-to-day basis and newer features include search engine and related applications. Add together. Just recently Google search console, which you also know as Webmaster, has some recent 2019 updates and we will get information about them here.

From Google Webmaster, we get to see the update of website policy and features from time to time, and just last year, the old version webmaster has been updated and we have received a new version webmaster tool. In which many good features are included. This time we will see some new features in this tool and they are all related.

Mobile usabilityAMP (Google Accelerated Mobile Pages)BrandingMarkup

As related to features, as we are seeing content related to quality and information we are seeing as the mobile search and unique awareness is increasing. All these updates will help you deliver better search result by improving your website quality and branding. Let's know what is Google Search Console AKA Webmaster Update 2019?

Google is very helpful in improving the webmaster site and getting information about all the problems related to indexing & crawling and solving them. This time there are some updates that are related to quality and branding. The webmaster is included in the 2019 update.

Unparsable Structured Data
Sitelinks Search box

With this, you know about mobile usability and AMP. These four updates, of which no 2, 3 or variables are going to be seen in your webmaster.

Unparsable Structured Data:

The code has its own structure and Google follows a simple and easy data structure on the search engine, which includes many data such as author, URL, description, id, type. If your site is a data that is not properly structured then you will see it as an error in the unparsable data structure and if it is correct then it will be visible invalid.

Google Search Console AKA Webmaster Update 2019

If you want to know how to have a problem of structured data on your site, you can always use the Google structured data testing tool to find out if there are errors and warnings.

Sitelinks Search box:

This is not a new feature but you may not have been able to see it in the webmaster before, whenever you search for their names on search engines, search result also includes a search box as well as the website. This is the site links search box It does not get all the websites.

schema markup code :

<script type="application/ld+json">


  "@context": "https://schema.org",

  "@type": "WebSite",

  "url": "https://www.example.com/",

  "potentialAction": {

    "@type": "SearchAction",

    "target": "https://query.example.com/search?q={search_term_string}",

    "query-input": "required name=search_term_string"



The website which is popular gets the site links box, Google has added it to the webmaster, for all, perhaps for some time now, you may find yourself on many popular and good websites. You can also place the Sitelinks search box with the help of schema markup code in the site, where its code is given here.

Google Search Console AKA Webmaster Update 2019

Product & Logos:This is also part of both the markup,

Product - There are many websites on which you can see the online product and with the help of Product schema markup, any product from the site can be indexed with the featured snippet in the search result.
Google Search Console AKA Webmaster Update 2019

Product markup code:

 <script type="application/ld+json">
"@context": "https://schema.org/",
"@type": "Product",
"name": "Executive Anvil",
"image": [
"description": "Sleeker than ACME's Classic Anvil, the Executive Anvil is perfect for the business traveler looking for something to drop from a height.",
"sku": "0446310786",
"mpn": "925872",
"brand": {
"@type": "Thing",
"name": "ACME"
"review": {
"@type": "Review",
"reviewRating": {
"@type": "Rating",
"ratingValue": "4",
"bestRating": "5"
"author": {
"@type": "Person",
"name": "Fred Benson"
"aggregateRating": {
"@type": "AggregateRating",
"ratingValue": "4.4",
"reviewCount": "89"
"offers": {
"@type": "Offer",
"url": "https://example.com/anvil",
"priceCurrency": "USD",
"price": "119.99",
"priceValidUntil": "2020-11-05",
"itemCondition": "https://schema.org/UsedCondition",
"availability": "https://schema.org/InStock",
"seller": {
"@type": "Organization",
"name": "Executive Objects"
Logos - It shows the brand and is unique for every single brand. Logos are also part of the schema, it can also add it to the help of markup and this gives you the branding and search result.

Logo markup code:

"@context": "https://schema.org",
"@type": "Organization",
"url": "http://www.example.com",
"logo": "http://www.example.com/images/logo.png"

Friends, the number of updates to the Google search console is all related to Schema markup and if you want to see the site with a featured snippet on the search result, then it is very important to set a schema markup to give your site a special place on the search engine and Can get a highlighted box.

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