What are Bad Backlinks? How to remove them?

What are Bad Backlinks? How to remove them?

Friends, Today’s Topic is Bad Backlinks? How to remove them if we want to be a long-term Blogger or SEO Expert. So we must have knowledge of every one of the important Tactics related to Search Engine Optimization.
Bad backlinks or Dead links are an important part of SEO, if there are 100 backlinks in a website and 50 bad backlinks from it, then that site’s rank of the Internet is going down.

What are Bad Backlinks?

Bad backlinks are links that are harmful to our website. According to the Google Webmaster Guideline,
Bad Backlinks are like Sweet Poison. By looking, there is a backlink but something else is inside and it hollows your website inside, and after a time the website starts to be penalized by all the search engines.
Whenever our website is linked to such a website. Those pages which have become Domain Expire, Page Delete, Website DA, PA Ranking are not correct, Website pornography, Violence related, then all such links are called Bad Backlinks.

What are Bad Backlinks? How to remove them?

How do I get bad backlinks?

Most people check backlinks only via Alexa Site info. Whereas all the backlinks of any website are provided in the Webmaster tool. If you have to check your website’s links and bad backlinks. So what does the Webmaster tool do for you? There should be information about it.
In the Webmaster tool, we get information about all the backlinks from the “Link to Your Site” option given in the Search traffic option.
From here we need to check the link and remove the bad link.

How to Remove Bad Backlinks?

If the website has to remove bad backlinks. So we have to do some hard work for this. Because with the Webmaster tool we need to check every single link and remove the Bad Backlink from it and save all the links on the Notepad tool according to 1 link/line in the text file.
After this, we have to open the “Webmaster Disavow Tool
“Disavow tool Google Webmaster is an Advance Tool with which we can remove all bad backlinks from the website.”
First of all, save all the bad links in the Notepad file.
After saving, you have to open the Disavow tool.
After opening the tool, you need to choose a Website URL.
After selecting the URL, click on the Disavow link.
Now we have to read the caution mentioned here and click on the Disavow link.
After that click on choose file and select Notepad file.
After selecting it, click on Submit and then the bad links will be removed.
See Bad Backlinks Removable Video Guide.

Friends, we must have information about how to remove bad backlinks from all bloggers, webmasters. This can give our website a good Page Rank and Traffic. If you have any questions then please comment.

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