Social Marketing Tips For Facebook 2020

Social Marketing Tips For Facebook 2020

Facebook provides you the ability to enlighten many people about your products, services, or yourself for free with the online community, but to do it correctly here are some Facebook Tips. If you don’t know about the numbers yet, just be aware Facebook is closing in on the One Billion person mark. That is a lot of exposure you can get if done properly.

Facebook can help you in your quest for online marketing; however, you need to do more than simply set up an account. Just creating a profile and letting it sit there will not get you the results you seek either. You need to build relationships and increase the number of relationships while keeping the ones you have happy with. These Facebook Tips will be a great starting point to get you moving in the right direction.

Facebook Tip No. 1 – Your Profile

Facebook Profile – You need to first consider if you are creating a personal profile or a business profile to establish your identity. This becomes sort of personal preference depending on how comfortable you feel with sharing about yourself. The more personal you get the more people to get to know you and interact with you, however, the better relationships you will develop and they will last longer. If you’re uncomfortable then create an account specifically for business and try to interject some personal touches when you are comfortable.

Profile Picture – It’s more important than you think and you want to put your best foot forward. People are visual and a good clear picture of yourself SMILING will go a long way to attracting people to your profile. People are usually doing several things at once online, so if a picture increases your chances why not use it. Not to mention people start to feel you are more real since your picture is out there to associate with you instead of some logo.

Add Friends – Sitting and waiting for people to come to find you is not what a successful business entrepreneur does. You need to go and make it happen and share it with the online community. DO NOT SPAM. Nobody likes it, so you don’t do that. You’re here to build relationships. Start using the search function to find people with similar interests, review their profiles, and take a genuine interest in them. Build a relationship with them. Do not try and sell them or pitch them; this is not the time.

Wall – Keep it active with informative and quality content. It’s your main way of interacting and what people see first when they connect with you. If you have good quality content you’d be surprised how people will comment, share with friends and you will create more relationships.

Social Marketing Tips For Facebook 2020

Photos and Videos – Yes they are GREAT! People love to look at pictures and watch videos, so feel free to post what you are comfortable with. It could be anything from something personal but interesting, to your current projects or touching or a current event.

Facebook Tip No. 2 – Fan Pages

Fan pages are primarily used for businesses or branding. It allows people to create a public presence and allows users to become fans. Fan pages are visible to everyone on the internet and could be better for building long-term relationships. The benefit of these is that your fans get your updates, can share your information and you can interact more by hosting discussions.

Facebook Tip No. 3 – Groups

Groups are great for bringing people together with similar interests to interact with each other. Being the leader of the group people will relate their experiences (usually good) with you since you brought them together. Also, being the organizer of the group you are able to send messages to all the members of the group for broadcasts or notices. Groups are great for getting active discussions going and attracting more interest from friends of those involved.

Facebook Tip No. 4 – Events

Events can be created from a personal profile, fan page, or group and can be private or public. This really helps you connect with the main audience that you are targeting and you can invite them to any of your events. As you’re beginning to realize when one person responds that they are attending one of your events, that could spark their friend’s curiosity and before you know it you’ve developed several new relationships.

Facebook Tip No. 5 – Be Yourself and Be Active

You want your profile or page to really reflect who you are because you want to attract people that naturally want to build a relationship with you. If you put up a facade to attract people, how long will you keep it up until you just can’t any longer? Just be yourself and build real relationships. You also want to keep active, because as you build these relationships you need to keep them interested in coming back to your profile constantly and knowing they will find new stuff there. If someone comes back several times over the course of a month and there’s no new interesting content, chances are they’ll find a profile with more content to keep them interested.

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