How to Checked Powerful SEO Tricks For Higher Google Rankings In 2020?
If you want to rank higher on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo by 2020 or later, there are responsive and user-friendly websites.

The results-oriented and effective search engine optimization SEO strategy for higher rankings must have quality content for your website.
A cute marriage of two will bring results you will be proud of.
5 Exciting SEO Strategies for High Conversions and High Google Rankings.

Now let’s take a look at these 5 tried and tested SEO tricks in detail if you’re serious about doing well and finding a place on the front pages of Google and other search engines:

1. Focus on the mobile format: After 2017, Google first started indexing mobile versions of websites. A report shows that by 2017, 70% of all web traffic came from smartphones. So, first, bet your money on your mobile customers and design your website accordingly. But if you want to make your site better in both worlds (mobile and desktop) there is a site that uses responsive web-design methods to change the shape of the user’s specific gadget/settings.

2. Keep user-friendly and Google-friendly pages: Page design and SEO are no different. Pages that are easier to navigate are higher indexed. These pages are liked not only by users but also by search engines. The icing on the cake: On this national page, readers spend more time. These types of pages lead to more engagement with visitors and more backlinks.

3. Make sure your pages open quickly: An important consideration for website developers is to guarantee instant loading. Before you start optimizing your site (s), first figure out if they are doing well. Design your pages in a way that makes them clear and understandable quickly. Make simple designs and make sure they are not plagued with shortness of breath.

Visitors to your pages will have no difficulty opening such pages quickly. Instantly open pages are good for high indexing. Also, slow pages have low conversions and high bounce rates.

4. Contains high-quality content: We all know that content is king. However, many of us probably don’t know that good content is good SEO.

If you want decent content on your pages:

A. Create unique and original content. No copy and paste work, please!

B. Develop persuasive and catchy titles. Your headlines will surely engage your readers and inspire them to read the whole page.

C. Make your content work. Write in a way that motivates readers to do what they want.

D. Provide the answer. Raise critical questions that affect your audience and answer them. Provide results-based solutions.

E. Make sure the content used on your pages is relevant, clear, concise, and original. There is no beating around the bushes, please!

F. Use your keywords in the right place and at the right concentration. Keep ‘How’ and ‘FAQ’ pages, which are considered user-friendly pages, because Google and other search engines like these pages and rank them higher. Reason: General web visitors provide information and data even though such pages provide.

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