What is Shared Web Hosting?

What is Shared Web Hosting

When I started my blogging journey, web hosting and other things were not completely ready for me. So I blogging Blogspot.com which was the product of Blogger, then I started at blogspot.com and later I moved to a self-hosted WordPress site. This was the time when I realized what Shared Web Hosting is, then I came to know how much benefit is being made by using Hosting and what is the other kind of Webhosting. I found out that if you create a website with web hosting, then you will earn a lot of money by going ahead and you will be able to rank your website fast. So finally in this post from Madhyam, I am telling you today that you have shared hosting. You can use it as Qiu. So let’s begin.
The most common and cheapest type of web hosting: Shared hosting is, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting. After that, you can divide them into Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, CPanel Hosting, Plesk Hosting, etc. I will talk about all types in the coming time, but for now, talk about what shared Web Hosting is. I started my hosting journey with Resellerclub. After that, I took the Business Cloud of Resellerclub hosting and moved my site to Resellerclub’s Cloud Hosting. You can see a list of top shared hosting for WordPress here and see what I previously purchased was shared hosting pro plan. You can add as many sites as you want to add to this. Therefore, I will tell you people that you can buy people only with shared hosting multiple domains which you can easily reduce. If you want to get shared hosting, then you can buy by clicking on the link below.

To buy hosting, you can buy by clicking on the link given below.


What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared Hosting is the cheapest hosting package to create your own website. For any standard WordPress blog or site, a shared hosting package is enough and you will get it in your budget. Shared Hosting, as the name suggests, you know that you will share your hosting space with others. You may have understood yourself, in many such hosting environments, many websites are hosted on the same server. This means all sites have the same I.P. Address and you will be sharing the server resources too. There will be no dedicated resource for any user and no one will be able to use any available resource. However, in shared hosting, when a user website is using a lot of resources, the hosting company suspends such an account to save other websites.

What is Shared Web Hosting

Advantages & Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

There are many benefits and disadvantages of shared hosting packages whose list I am giving below.
Shared web hosting is enough for small websites, new WordPress blogs, and static websites. And by looking at the expense, any new blogger can start webmaster shared hosting, and it is also quite good and trustworthy because shared hosting meets the needs of your initial web-space and bandwidth.
Many shared web hosting also offers unlimited space and bandwidth (eg, Bluehost, Hostgator) which meets the needs of your medium size websites/blog. The biggest disadvantage of shared hosting is that it gives space to many users in the same hosting and it makes the problem of server uptime.
So I hope that you guys have understood that you have shared hosting and how it works, if you like this post, then your friends and the social media button below is clicked on it. media like – facebook, twitter, Google + WhatsApp, please help me too. 
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