What is Ads.txt? And why is it important to blog?

Today, there is a lot of discussion among the bloggers about Ads.txt, in the bloggers, many people do not know what Ads.txt is? What is its significance? How can I set up for bloggers and on Blogger & WordPress platform? If you do not know then these tips are absolutely right and you can setup ads.txt for Adsense or for any other platform very easily.

Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, if you have to work properly on the internet then there are some rules that are very important to follow. Because these same rules protect you from any online scam, fraud in future and control yourself, by doing such work on the internet.

What is Ads.txt?

You all know where there is money, there is also activities like scam, fraud. Therefore, Ads.txt was created to make the online advertising ecosystem better and transparent. Ads.txt was created in 2017 by IAB technology. This is a simple text file like Robots.txt that publishers take on their blog.

If there is a publisher who is connected to a platform and is selling or promoting its product, services through a digital medium, then it has to declare publicly through Ads.txt. This creates transparency for buyers and can easily find out which publisher is connected with which digital platform.

How to apply on Ads.txt Blog?

If you use Google AdSense and you want to install Ads.text file on the blog then it is very easy for you and Blogger or WordPress can easily put this file on the blog with you.

What will you get from Ads.txt file?

You get this file from any advertiser platform that has monetized your website. If you have to copy and paste on Notepad, you have to save it by name in the name of Notepad, if an extension is .txt, then this file will be automatically saved on your computer by the name of Ads.txt.

Google Adsense is the most popular platform for monetization and for this,

google.com, pub-Publisher ID, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

This is the same for everyone, just in it, you will need to write a Publisher ID of your blog Adsense account.

Example: The Publisher ID of my Adsense account is pub-000000000000000, so my ads.txt code will be.
google.com, pub-00000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Open Blogger.com and log in to the blog.
From the menu given in the left site of the blog dashboard, click on the ‘Setting’ menu.
Click on ‘Search preferences’ option in Setting
Now you can come down here in the ‘Monetization’ option, there will be an option of custom Ads.txt which will be disabled.

Click on edit and select the ‘YES’ button below, a text box will open, place it in your Ads.txt code and save it. The file will be correctly added to your blog.

What is Ads.txt And why is it important to blog

Ads.txt for WordPress:

First, open Notepad and copy the code and save the file in the name of Ads.txt in computer.
There are two ways to put this code on WordPress,

Open the Hosting cPanel file manager from the public HTML and upload the text file.
Go to cPanel without using WordPress plugin on direct blog.
The cPanel is a bit difficult to do and everyone can not do it easily so we know about it through the WordPress plugin.

You have to log in to the WordPress dashboard and go to the plugin menu and click on add new plugin.

You need to search and activate the plugin named Ads.txt Manager through the search box. If you want to download directly from this link – https://wordpress.org/plugins/ads-txt/

Once you activate, you can click on the WordPress setting option and you will find the Ads.txt option at the bottom, paste your Adsense Ads.txt code and save it will be completed.

What is Ads.txt And why is it important to blog

Friends, Adsense can be improved by applying an Ads.txt file in Blog, and it can help you see an increment in your income. So if you are an Adsense publisher, then add this file to your blog on your blog and if you have any questions, then you must write in the comment.

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