How to Submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools in full guide

If you are logged in to join me, I will be able to log on to my blog by going to the topic of Blogger. For a blog, I would like to create a Sitemap or Google Webmaster Tool for you to submit a request. I can say that I can say that I have no idea what my name is, or I am going to have a look at you.
All you need to do is to make a Sitemap for your blog, or Google Webmaster Tools has submitted it to you, you have some basic information from the logo.
The Google webmaster tool for Sitemap has been submitted to your blog for information about Google’s ability to publish a blog or is it possible to automatically translate it into a Google search engine, and I am able to share it with others. I’ll get you a description of one of my details and I am going to get back.

We have created a theme for you to create a Sitemap for your blog, so that you can create a blog or any other site by clicking on it, then click here to create your own blog.
To create a Sitemap you need to go to a website that is very helpful or if you are using this site for your blog, then you can create a Sitemap for your site, XML SITEMA for the BLOGGER API, and go to Google Search Center. If you are trying to find a link from a website that has been copied to you, you can not search any of the pages that have been directly linked to you. You can access the XML site as well as the XML site for the blogger. Click here to click here.

Blogger sitemap has been imported into English by me.

When you are able to access a site that has a link to your blog, you have to enter your blog URL, and when you have a URL, you have to click on a button to select a button, then click on the Sitemap when you click on a button. If you have a new tab on your web site, you have a problem with your blog’s Sitemap, which is why you have created a site map for your blog.

Now we are talking about how to submit a sitemap. Now how do we submit our sitemap to Google Webmaster, then let us learn?
If you have any questions about Google Webmaster Tools, go to the Google e-mail address or password and go to the Google Webmaster Tool to access the Google Webmaster Tools tool, you will be successfully logged in to Google Webmaster Tool’s Dashboard. You can click on the official website’s link or you can click on it
How to Submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
When you open the Dashboard, you can click on the CrawlPar to select the right option, and then click on the Sitemaps to open the Sitemaps page. You can open the page with the right side Add / Test Sitemap. If you click on one of the tabs to access a site, then you do not have to enter the URL, you do not have to enter the URL, you need to go to the URL and go to the right page, but you do not want to delete it. If you do not want to click on the submit button or you want to do this, you will see that you have a screenshot of the screenshot.

By clicking on it, you will be able to refresh the page again or refuse to refresh the page, and if you revert to a page that has been deleted from your site, then you have a bad status of your site or if you have a pending request, please approve it. If you are trying to remove the Google Webmaster Tools from you, you may still see a screenshot that has a screenshot.

I have been unable to comment as I have any problem with which you can comment on my request.

To do this you just have to go to the next video tab on your own or if you have any questions or you have any questions or if you have any questions or you have any help, please comment box me comment I have not been able to send you a book or you have not seen any help or you have not got any help.

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