How to earn $ 100 per day from Google Adsense and Admob?

Hello friends how are you guys in the world hope you guys are very good then friends go today on today’s topic on top of our topic is friends how do you earn money by clicking on the ad itself of your Android application Can friends

If all these friends want to know then you can stay with us, so let’s move forward in this article and tell you how it can be done in real life.

Yes, friends, it may be that if you are an Android app developer, then you will have your own Android application and you have maintained an account in Admob and it will also have an additional unit installed.

Friends, Google Adsense or Google Admob, they use very HiTech technology, they know that their activity is being activated on the Invite, friends cannot use your VPN to avoid them.

How to earn $ 100 per day from Google Adsense and Admob

And friends do not just click on you to make some impressions. It means that you have to open a lot of add-ons and you have to cancel everything and just click on one or two AD only if you guys If you do, you will not see in Google’s view that your ADMOB account will also be safe and will not be told about any invalid activity in your account or not charged for invalid clicks. You will not be able to cut all that you earn. All the earnings you have earned will come to your Google Adsense account. After every 1 hour, select a different country ie different country. What happens to this is that Google’s friends of friends think that this Clicking is done by another man and that application is in another man’s mobile. Friends, it is very easy. You do not need to do anything in it.

And friends, I want to say that if you do this in such a way, then friends, you can earn a lot more money from your own application and it is very easy to spend only half an hour in the day and at least 60 You can earn up to $100 per day and your AdMob account will also be safe. It was just a small thing that I told you if you want to earn a lot of money from ADMOB, then you can put your Android app in the Google Play Store Publish what will happen that your application will be seen in the whole world if your application is good then everybody will install and you will not even need to click on your own and you can earn millions of rupees every month but Google Play You cannot publish the application in the free store, for that you have to pay some charges to Google.

Now as far as talking guys, YouTube is very hard to make money from YouTube. It’s just too much of a difference that you will be able to earn money from YouTube if you are on YouTube, you know that throughout the day You can not even make $ 1 because YouTube has changed a lot of policies in which Agra creates a new channel, then all time 10,000 Views should be in their video then its video monetize Finding monetize means that friends will be added to your video if your video is not edited, then you will not have any earnings. Friends are the first.

How to earn $ 100 per day from Google Adsense and Admob

Now, secondly, I tell you that Changing has changed recently, he has changed a bit more in his policy, which is being told that I will not add all the videos in the video. YouTube uploads millions of millions of crores of videos every day. I will not let everyone know if the advertisement is friendly or not is a system that checks every single video every day if your video is a little bit If it was found incorrect then your video appears in yellow symbol, which means that if you put a Limited ad or ad in your video, then it means that it is a system that is okay in every single video. Type sample shows you can also send a request that YouTube checks your video well, then you are told to monetize your YouTube channel video within 24 hours. Whether or not it is found if everything gets done properly and your video starts running again in the video.

So friends get this much in today’s article. Take care of yourself on your other articles, be happy and have similar post info tips and tricks to get you on our block every day and every day here You will continue to learn something new.

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