How do website optimization?

How do website optimization

Hello friends how are you all? You are very welcome in another Fresh Post of Techno-Tips a new post, I have a web site that has the ability to optimize the website’s website by optimizing the ‘Optimize the Website’ by following a new topic.

Guys all website is fast approaching, so does the website you want to visit. If you have a website that is user-friendly to your website, then your website’s speed has changed.
If you have any queries or want to send a query to your website or Google, please contact us on your website.

And if you have a website that has a speed limit for your website, you can also hover your web site from the same website to the specific user, or do you want to slow down your web site, or do you have the time to spend time?

What’s the problem with which the problem of the website’s speed has slowed down?

To do this, you have a great idea about how to speed up the website’s speed of your website. Or you can follow the tips I have followed or I have tried to give you the best work.

It is possible that you do not have any tips on how to cook or do not eat anything. If you do not know how to optimize your website, you can still post it.

Is it possible to optimize the website that you have asked if you have any questions about it?

1. Hosting

How do website optimization

So friends have a great number of people who are hosting a web site. friends have been the main reason for my hosting blogger to use the hosting or blogger’s hosting that I have not had any problems, but the website is slow down. To change my blogger’s blog to the blogger’s ads, it’s not safe to say anything, you can click on the AdSense ads that you want to modify, or change your site to WordPress. If you are the best friend of the blogger, then the best way to get your blog started is to make a blogger that can be hosted by you.

Friends are the only people who are hosting their website. This is a website that is available to you. If you do not have any hosting plans, please go straight to your website and then go to the next page. Google will not crawl your website.

If you want to do this, then you are using a blogger who is using the host to do so. If you have a web site based on WordPress then you can contact the hosting company from the hosting company. Please do not host any other website on your website.
So friends have been able to help with the hosting of the website, but they have also been able to help. As much is hosting a new website speed.

If you are using a hosting account, you can buy a hosting account by clicking on the link you want to buy.

2. Theme

How do website optimization

If you have any questions about your website theme, please use the customization code to remove it. I want to ask people to give an example of how to get HTML files from the website that they have been visiting the website for more information.
You can go to the HTML files only. Please do not use any of your HTML gadgets or any other pages on your website, about us, or Facebook pages. I have been using a gadget in my gadget or if I have a website whose speed is about to get a result of the result.
So guys are tip number 2, which means that your website has a simple and straightforward way of looking at the theme, HTML gadgets or any other substance is not used.
3. Plugins

If you use a blogger for your website, then there is no problem with plugins for your website. If you have any questions about WordPress, please do not use any plugins using this plugin.

If you have used plugins that are available, then you will not be able to access any of the websites that have been blocked. Plugins have been used to make your website look like this, but it does not affect the website’s speed.

 Friends, please make sure to use plugins that you can use in plugins. So tip number 3 does not use any plugins for your website.
4. Images

How do website optimization

Above all, I want to add my logo to my website, I use the high-quality images of the images that use the size of the image.

If you want to use high-quality images, please fill in your website. Please do not forget to copy the images to your images.

If you do not want to use high-quality images then you do not want to add a website to your site. If you have a high quality of images that use images to use, you can use the website’s database to access storage or to access your data from the database or to track your website’s speed and time on your website.

So, guys tip number 4 is asking you to use the image size. It’s a 100kb from the size of the image that you used to use. Friends are the best tools and websites to send images of 40-50% of the size of the images or the quality is not what they want.

I have a link to the article, which is why I have a website that has been updated so that I can see the size of the image, but I can still copy the quality of the image.

5. Google speed tester

How do website optimization

Google seed tester is a great way for Google’s developers to make the most of the developers. If you want to use an existing tool, simply click here.

The Google speed tester has a website that allows you to delete your own web pages, or if you have any other files that have been used by your website.

The Google speed tester is able to optimize your website for faster suggestions or tips that may help you improve your website. The issue of the tool is that you can check your website daily or you can search the web site for which it is optimized by Optimization.

Toh guys tip number 5 are you trying to test your Google speed tester’s website and how to fix it on your website. Or do you have any idea that your website has been successfully upgraded or hosted?

If you want to get 5 more tips, please contact your website to optimize your website’s speed.

Why is it that I have been able to give you the information that is optimizing the website?

If you have any questions, please share it with your friends. Or do you want to optimize your brand name for the first time? Or you have a question of how to go to the internet or subscribe to the blog for the related posts of blogging.
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